'AutoCast' for Android might be the most useful Chromecast app yet

Image Credit: Autocast
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The while the majority of Chromecast apps have been dedicated to video services, newly launched Android add-on AutoCast focuses on making your TV an extension of your smartphone.

AutoCast lets you set up custom screens on your television that contain things like clocks, YouTube videos, notifications, and more. It’s pretty useful for people who like to leave their TV on in the background while they work.

Yet the real selling point for AutoCast is its ability to let you multitask via Chromecast-connected TVs. That means you can cast a slideshow of photos to your TV’s screen and have music playing in the background that uses the TV’s speakers. This also means you can get notifications while you’re watching a movie.

AutoCast is available now for free in the Google Play Store. For a closer look at the AutoCast add-on, check out the demo video below.

Hat tip: Engadget

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