Google just announced it will allow anyone in the U.S. to buy Google Glass this Tuesday — but shop quickly, because you only have one day to buy them.

Unfortunately, Google says spots are limited. Given the level of hype Glass has received, it’ll be tough to secure a pair.

If you’re interesting in fighting for a face computer, you can try buying Glass via this link on April 15. As usual, it’ll set you back $1,500.

On the up side, Google plans to throw in its new designer frames. Google decided to announce the news today after leaked documents surfaced on The Verge.

Google is having trouble selling Glass as a consumer device. The “developer prototype,” as the company is calling its current iteration, has so far found its happiest customers in industry, military, health care, and enterprise situations.

The NYPD is testing Glass for use by officers in the field. The U.S. Air Force, not to be left out, is also getting into Glass and even building apps for battlefield use.

Hospitals, especially surgeons, are getting in on the action with great enthusiasm.

Finally, Google itself is plugging Glass for the workplace. The “Glass for Work” program will bring Glass into the enterprise in ways meant to enhance an employee’s workflow — e.g., adding it to IT support workers while on calls, or giving it to surgeons while operating. 

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