Evernote released an update today to its Skitch app for iPhones and iPads. The update, version 3.1.1, brings new sharing and editing features to the annotation service on iOS.

Acquired by Evernote back in 2011, Skitch users have proved difficult to please. One year after the deal, Evernote was in hot water for retiring key features. Evernote then backtracked and has since delicately polished the annotation app with subtle, iterative updates.

This new update doesn’t change much, wisely; it only subtly improves upon a few key features. It’s now easier to pull up the sharing screen in the app; you can now add paragraphs of text in annotations, and Evernote claims cropping is now a smoother experience.

These are simple changes, and users will likely be happy that Evernote didn’t break any boundaries this time.

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