Amazon has opened up a new Wearable Technology store today that will focus on selling all the latest wearable gadgets, the e-commerce giant announced today.

Like some of Amazon’s other dedicated stores, this one will live within Amazon’s main online store. It will feature wearable gadgets from a variety of categories from all the top wearable tech hardware makers, including Samsung, GoPro, Jawbone, and others. (So, basically, lots of fitness trackers, smart watches, blood pressure monitors, “action” cameras, etc.)

It also looks like Amazon will offer some exclusive products from up-and-coming wearable tech companies. For example, the Misfit Bloom Necklace for use with the Misfit Shine activity tracker is available exclusively for preorder on Amazon’s new storefront.

And since wearable tech is still largely a new thing for most consumers, Amazon is also trying to educate people about what products are the best fit for their lifestyle via a “Learning Center.”

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