Hootsuite takes social media data to a visual level on desktop & mobile

Image Credit: HootSuite
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HooteSuite’s social media data is now going visual in a dashboard.

The data specialists unveiled what they’re calling uberVUBoards, a dashboard widget offering a continuous scroll of valuable social media data to clients paying subscriber fees for the honor. In a chat with VentureBeat, HootSuite’s analytics general manager Mark Pascarella hailed the SaaS platform as a kick-off to “democratizing social media.”

With uberVUBoards, clients can now measure in real time all those kernels of information so dear to mobile and desktop advertisers: measuring real-time sentiment, signal exposure, the top stories people are reading, and any kind of spikes in traffic.

The hook, Pascarella asserted from his office in Boston Thursday, is that the widget now brings social media data to not just scientists, research teams, and government agencies, but to the masses within your company: human resource specialists, IT crews, investor relations, bosses, and the lower rungs.

“Increasingly, you’re finding new users for social data. One of the keys here is personalization. And leveraging data to make better decisions,” he said.

Portions of the dashboard has been in a stealthy beta for a while, but Pascarella declined to say who was trying the software out prior to launching officially.



Above: uberVUBoards

Image Credit: Courtesy Hootsuite

A Hootsuite release described it this way:

HootSuite today announced uberVUBoards, a new data visualization tool which allows users to create customized, action-oriented data views by pinning adjustable widgets into unique dashboards. uberVU Boards allows users to quickly identify business insights from key analytics and aggregate data points for real-time sharing of what matters most to them.  Unlike traditional data visualization technologies, Boards has been designed so that any user can easily identify a metric, pin it to a dashboard and generate a report with just one click.”

Pascarella and the co-founders sold the company to HootSuite for millions in January, and his entire 40-member team safely made the transition in the acquisition process. He declined to say for how much, citing NDAs. The company retains offices there still, in addition to Bucharest, Romania, and Boston.

The beauty of uberVUBoards is that those using it no longer “have to dig” for the information.

“It’s sitting on your dashboard. The data just flows,” Pascarella said.

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