Dr. Dre may have drunkenly confirmed Apple’s Beats acquisition (video)

Dr. Dre performs at Coachella 2012.

Above: Dr. Dre performs at Coachella 2012.

Image Credit: Jason Persse / Flickr

We don’t often hear tacit confirmations of $3.2 billion acquisitions in the presence of a beer as lame as Heineken — but that’s exactly what happened last night.

In a brief video posted to actor Tyrese Gibson’s Facebook page, Dr. Dre called himself “the first billionaire in hip-hop, right here from the motherf**king West Coast.” Naturally, this prompted a string of profanities and some feverish dancing.

Earlier in the video, Gibson proclaimed, “The Forbes list [of wealthy individuals] just changed,” to which the Dre added, “In a big way.”

The partiers were presumably excited about Apple’s rumored acquisition of Beats Electronics, which makes Beats headphones and recently spun off a streaming music service. Apple is reportedly scooping up Dr. Dre’s company for a massive $3.2 billion, making Beats Apple’s largest acquisition by around $2.8 billion.

You’re going to have to trust us, though: Beats by Apple isn’t as crazy as you may imagine.

Gibson has pulled the video from his Facebook page, but someone uploaded a ripped version to YouTube. We’ve embedded that below. (For those with delicate sensibilities: It contains bad language. Consider yourselves warned.)

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