Social sharing buttons on websites account for less than 30 percent of all sharing, and links shared on Thursday get peak engagement and the longest-lasting traffic.

Those are only two of the results of a RadiumOne study focusing on sharing behavior. RadiumOne is an enterprise advertising platform that operates the social sharing and URL-shortening platform — which naturally generates a lot of data on what people share, how they share, and what kind of sharing is the most effective.

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While it’s hardly a disinterested observer, RadiumOne says that URL shorteners that offer vanity domains result in an increased volume of sharing — up 25 percent — compared to simple shares of standard, longer URLs.

One other interesting fact: Links shared on weekdays get almost 50 percent more engagement than links shared on the weekend. Clearly, we’re looking for distractions while working but much too busy with our own business to look at cute cats and funny photos on the weekend.

Here’s all the data, in infographic form:

6 myths of social sharing

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