What a surprise — most Googlers are white men

Image Credit: Marcin Wichary Flickr

Technology giant Google serves billions of people around the world, but its employees don’t mirror the rest of the world very well.

Of the nearly 50,000 Google employees out there, 70 percent are men, and 61 percent are white, according to figures Google released today. Asians represent 30 percent of the company’s employment base, while Hispanics comprise 3 percent.

Narrow things down to Google leaders, and you’ll find an even higher concentration of white men.

While Google has taken pains to back initiatives that could alter the makeup of people with technology skills, the company is “the first to admit that Google is miles from where we want to be,” Google senior vice president of people operations Laszlo Bock wrote in a blog post about the statistics.

“[B]eing totally clear about the extent of the problem is a really important part of the solution,” Bock wrote.

Companies have sought to improve gender and race makeup of their employees and especially on their boards of directors lately. Box, Dropbox, New Relic, and Zendesk fall into this camp.

Perhaps Google will announce the appointment of more women and non-whites in leadership positions and seek to further diversify its workforce in the months to come.

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Ron Osborne
Ron Osborne

It must have been a really really slow day for this article to get screen space on VB. First of all, since when did engineers have to reflect the broader racial demographics? Since Google is a global company, do we now have to ensure that the exact percentage make up of every race, gender, sexuality, religion, or other sub-grouping of human existence is now expected to reflect company hiring practices? Give me a break...seriously...give me a break from this kind of drivel.

Hire the best, whomever the best may be.

Kenny Strawn
Kenny Strawn

I can easily cite Sundar Pichai (an Indian Tamil), Sergey Brin (a Russian Jew), the Wojcicki's (Polish Jews), and Matias Duarte (a Chilean-American) as examples of members of minorities who hold key positions at Google...

John Wax
John Wax

china companies are 98% chinese... india companies are 99% indians so what's the point of the article 

Tyler Ahlfeldt
Tyler Ahlfeldt

@John Wax I would have to say that is a specious argument. China and India are both countries and ethnicities. However, being American doesn't mean being white.