Watch out, Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Startup Quip has introduced a slew of features that make its mobile-friendly word-processing app easier to use.

Now it’s possible to run smart but simple full-text searches that rifle through documents and chat messages on all of your devices. And search like that is actually easy on a smartphone, according to a blog post today from Quip cofounder and chief executive Bret Taylor.

Quip also lets you publish a document online so that anyone can read it, even if they don’t have the Quip app installed. Or, you could just export a Quip in Office’s .docx format.

And you can now spot important files more easily by “pinning” them to a new Quip-specific “desktop,” sort of like the way you can pin pictures and other stuff to a Pinterest board.

All these features make Quip a more useful tool for business people who travel a lot and rely on their mobile devices, not their laptops. In that sense, Quip sits in a class with other upcoming startups like email app creator Acompli, productivity app developer Slack, and relationship-intelligence software maker RelateIQ.

In today’s blog post, Quip also showed how the app has been gaining adoption. More than 5,000 companies use the app, including Kent Moore Cabinets, New Relic, Taser, and Facebook, where Taylor was once chief technology officer, according to the post.

Quip interface

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