T-Mobile’s German parent company, Deutsche Telekom, wants to make a grand entrance in the U.S. home automation market, a space that has heated up considerably in the past few years.

Comcast and AT&T have jumped in, and rumor has it that Apple may follow.

Deutsche Telekom has been selling a home automation and security system called Qivicon in Germany and now will bring the goodness to homes in the U.S. and UK.

Qivicon lets users manually control connected devices in the home or create presets that tell devices what to do under certain circumstances.

Qivicon currently integrates with products from Samsung, Miele, Belkin, WeMo, and some 30 other device brands. But DT hopes to find another large group of home devices to display the “Qivicon Certified” seal in U.S. households. These might include thermostats, motion detectors, wireless adapters, light dimmers, lawn sprinklers, and water controls.

In Germany the Qivicon system, which comprises a hub and two remote wall plugs, sells for the equivalent of $367.



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