Everything we think Apple will announce at WWDC: OS X 10.10, iOS 8, & more

Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco. And yes, the rumor mill is now churning at full speed with speculation.

To help make sense of the hearsay, here’s a concise summary of everything Apple is rumored to debut Monday morning.

iOS 8 Predictions

The next version of iOS is absolutely coming, according to WWDC event banners photographed last week. Here’s what we know:

A mockup of Apple's Healthbook app, expected in iOS 8.

Above: A mockup of Apple’s Healthbook app, expected in iOS 8.

Image Credit: 9to5Mac


Apple will debut a Passbook-style health app tomorrow, according to detailed leaks published back in March. While some rumors suggest that Apple has health-tracking hardware in the works, such claims have died down in recent months.

Read more about Healthbook here.

No multitasking

Windows 8-style multitasking is reportedly in the works for iOS, but it appears that the new feature will not debut at WWDC tomorrow. According to NY Times reporter Brian Chen, split-screen multitasking just “isn’t ready yet.”

New iOS Features

iOS 8 is rumored to include numerous feature updates, including the addition of transit directions for Apple Maps, Shazam-style song detection for Siri, a stand-alone app for iTunes Radio, mobile versions of OS X apps Preview and Text Edit, and payments-centric updates to Touch ID.

Apple is not expected to redesign iOS this time around. The flat, glass like aesthetic of iOS 7 is here to stay.

Mac OS X 10.10 Predictions

Tomorrow Apple will debut the next major version of Mac OS X, perhaps under the name “OS X Yosemite,” according to recent trademark filings.

Unofficial Mac OS X 10.10 design concept

Above: Unofficial Mac OS X 10.10 design concept

Image Credit: Danny Giebe

Major Redesign

The next version of OS X is expected to feature an iOS 7-like design overhaul. The redesign is thought to mirror iOS 7 and 8 with glass-like effects, flat icons, and an overall minimalistic style which may finally do away with brushed aluminum design elements.

New OS X features

Rumors say the next version of OS X may include an iOS-style control panel, a new Mac App Store design, and new editions of the iWork and iLife suites.

Hardware Predictions & More

New Macs

Some say Apple will debut Retina MacBook Airs at WWDC this year, but don’t bet on it. Likewise, although Apple apparently has cheaper iMacs in the works, Apple pundits shot such rumors down recently.

Apple TV

For years, Apple analysts and insiders predicted Apple would introduce a new, revolutionary television product — yet here we are, forever stuck with consistently minor upgrades to the original Apple TV.

Some insist that a revolutionary new Apple TV is still in the works. We’re not holding our breath.

Home Automation

Another thin, yet exciting rumor suggests that Apple will get into the “Internet of things” trend. Hardware of the sort is not anticipated, but Apple could introduce new apps for controlling things like “lights, security systems and other domestic appliances.”

Developer Tools

Apple is expected to debut the next version of its developer IDE, Xcode 6. The update may feature a new iOS simulator app. Along similar lines, Apple may debut new “improved tools for developers to build iCloud-infused applications.”

Check back here tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT for on-site coverage of Apple’s WWDC keynote presentation.

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Jim Carson
Jim Carson

Sadly Apple is not a technology leader in any of the competitive categories they are now rumored to enter.  

Samsung has a first moving and embedded product lead in any type of "smart home" technologies by virtue of already being a worldwide leader in manufacture and sales of "SMART APPLIANCES".

Apple TV is a thought gone stale that suffers from the disbelief resulting from over promising (the boy who cried wolf syndrome).   

My smart watch already integrates functions with my smart phone and my health workout assistant keeps track of daily workouts, heart rate, and blood pressure and chides me when I am idle for too long.  All connected across my phone and the internet so I won't forget a moment of sweat.

I fixed a friends IPhone today 9he had accidentally hit lock screen) by saying ok Google and asking how to correct the IPhone screen lock problem.  Google brought me right to the answer with instructions for a fix while I continued to eat my breakfast.

It is not just Apple there is a dearth of really new and interesting technologies right now.  Unfortunately when we enter this stage of technology growth our gadgets suddenly become commodities and Apple is not well positioned to fight the margin shrinking battles that is a commodities war.

William Su
William Su

Is this supposed to be big news?

Ken Horacek
Ken Horacek

You are correct.  I don't want my desktop to act like an iOS [or any other "smart phone" type device].  "OS X Mavericks" distroyed my desire to acquire/maintain any more Apple products.  I doubt that “OS X Yosemite” can/will fix the issues that "OS X Mavericks" brought to my desktop.  We lost a great man and a great product with the loss of Steve Jobs.  May his soul  rest in peace.

John Doe
John Doe

An iOS look for OS X, no thanks. I never thought id give up my MBP.  HP hurry up with that Android Slate 14 laptop.


@John Doe  Apple is slowly doing what Microsoft did in one big leap. Just take a look at where OS X has been going. It's true. I'm interested to see how they do it in the end.

John Mandra
John Mandra

@John Doe Microsoft forced their tablet OS down the throat of all PC users be claiming it to be Windows 8. universal OS's per manufacturer is inevitable. It is practical for them even if it annoys the end user..