In protest of government mass surveillance, prominent tech firms Reddit, DuckDuckGo, Imgur, and more today announced a new campaign, Reset the Net.

The campaign, inspired by the SOPA and PIPA protests of 2012, advocates the adoption of SSL encryption standards to prevent government spy agencies from gathering data en masse. As with the days of SOPA, this protest largely takes the form of a banner ad that encourages Internet users and site owners to act.

Reset the Net, however, isn’t the first anti-mass surveillance campaign led by Reddit, DuckDuckGo, and Imgur. The trio previously teamed up with Mozilla and Tumblr to launch The Day We Fight Back, a similar protest that some called a flop after it fell short of the audience SOPA protests reached two years ago.

The Day We Fight Back, take two, starts June 5.

Via: TechCrunch.

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