Apple's Swift language gets a new supporter: Facebook-owned Parse

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Apple’s Swift programming language has a new fan.

Parse, which hosts backend services for app developers, now supports Apple’s new programming language, the company announced today.

“Here at Parse, we’re really excited about Swift, because it brings a whole host of new language features to iOS and OS X development,” Fosco Marotto, a Parse software engineer, wrote in a blog post.

“Swift’s type inference will save developers a ton of typing. And generics will reduce runtime errors by giving us strongly-typed collections.”

Swift is compatible with existing Objective-C libraries, including third-party libraries like Parse.

Facebook acquired Parse in April 2013, pushing its way into the world of mobile development — and marking its entry into the world of paid B2B services.

To learn how to use the Parse framework in your Swift project, check out this detailed set of instructions on Stackoverflow. To learn more about Swift, check out software engineer Sam Soffes’ take on the new programming language.

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