Owner of Logitech’s popular Harmony remote control have a few more things they can do with it: It now controls multi-room sound systems from Sonos and lights from Philips.

“You can control playback and volume directly from the buttons on your remote and access your Sonos Favorites from the Harmony Ultimate remote’s touch screen or the Harmony Smartphone App,” Sonos reports in a blog post today.

The Harmony can also be used to control the lights from Philips’ Hue lights, an adjustable LED lighting system.

And the Harmony smartphone app (not the remote) now supports voice search for the Amazon Fire TV, if you’re one of the few people who are using that. As a bonus, its voice search isn’t just limited to Amazon content: It can also search through content on an Apple TV, Roku, PC, or Mac.

That’s not a bad addition, as it takes the coolest thing about the Fire TV (maybe the only cool thing, actually) and makes it work with all of your video and audio content.

Hat tip: Engadget

More information:

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