Lots of media outlets have made a fuss about Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal’s departure from PayPal, and now he wants to be super-clear: No, he wasn’t fired, and no, he wasn’t told to quit or else get fired.

In a post on LinkedIn today, Agrawal points to certain official PayPal tweets that gave people the wrong idea about why he left.

“For starters, I quit PayPal on my own accord,” he wrote. “PayPal put out a highly misleading tweet that was designed to make people think I was fired. That was not the case. My final paperwork from PayPal reflects the truth — I quit.”

For those just tuning into this game now, Agrawal’s own tweets brought a lot of attention to him. He criticized certain PayPal employees and made many typographical errors. By then, he has said, he had left PayPal.

In today’s post Agrawal enumerates the actual reasons for leaving. He didn’t feel comfortable giving the PayPal view when he didn’t always agree with it. He felt the company couldn’t very well get rid of poor employees or keep the great ones around. And now he can be as opinionated as he wants, as head of his consulting firm, reDesign Mobile.

Agrawal previously contributed to VentureBeat as a guest author.

More information:

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Rakesh Agrawal is a consultant focused on the intersection of local, social, mobile and payments. He is a principal analyst at reDesign mobile. Previously, he launched local, mobile and search products for Microsoft, Aol and washington... read more »

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