MakerBot comes to Panama in a new re-selling agreement

Image Credit: Makerz

3D printer pioneer MakerBot is bringing its signature printers to Panama!

The company has entered into a reselling agreement with Anantek Inc., owner of Makerz, Panama’s first 3D printer shop.

The store will sell many of MakerBot’s printers, including its fifth-generation printers and its yet-to-be-released Replicator Z18, as well as accessories for those printers.

“We see 3D printing as leading the next industrial revolution and think that working with MakerBot will help further innovation and making throughout Central America,” said Ariel Yahni, CEO of Anantek Enterprises Inc. in a press release.

This is the second reseller agreement MakerBot has signed in 10 days. On June 3, online wholesaler Tech Data agreed to exclusively represent MakerBots’s products in its 3D printing category for a year, MakerBot said in a press release. Tech Data is an online tech product wholesaler with a channel of 115,000 re-sellers in both the U.S. and Canada.

Makerbot currently has resellers in 23 countries. MakerBot has not yet responded to a request for comment.

More information:

Brooklyn-based MakerBot® ( has grown to be a global leader in desktop 3D printing. MakerBot had 16% market share of all 3D printers (industrial and personal) made from 2009 to the end of 2011. In 2011, MakerBot had 21... read more »

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Dan Cavender
Dan Cavender

MakerBot, I'm sure researched there relationship, in Panama! A born American, I am as of 2014 / 07 the only fully owned, registered and licensed in Panama, under RUC # xxxxxxx-1-652347 Copia Plano Express Plus SA. 

After opening my 1st company PUBOT Services Panama SA, A construction and consultant company with focus on winding and construction of the New Pacific locks, from 2005-2014 eleven years of local experience, both political parties. President Martelli has reduced corruption, both within the government and private businesses. Unless, you speak Spanish and have the right contacts, in Country, your dead in the water.   I have the same experience in Coasta Rica, which has a whole set of social issues to overcome.The Impact of Intel White Paper. 

I would be glad, as a consultant, to assist any company to start operations, and weed-out the corrupted individuals. The culture and the people from both Panama and Coasta Rica are great. But you need to be street smart in dealing with them!