Amazon’s Fire Phone coming July 25 for $200 with a year of free Amazon Prime

Image Credit: Amazon

Don’t hold your breath for any crazy smartphone pricing from Amazon.

Instead, Amazon is following most other smartphone makers with a $200 AT&T contract price for its Fire Phone. You can also snag the phone with AT&T’s Next installment plan for $27 a month, but that’s also in-line with most other phones.

Amazon is also chipping in a year of free Prime membership with Fire Phone buyers, which typically costs $100.

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The entry-level Fire Phone also comes with 32GB of storage, twice the amount of Apple’s $200 (on-contract) iPhone 5S. Amazon is also offering a Fire Phone model with 64GB of storage for $300 (again, $100 less than the competing iPhone 5S model).

The Fire Phone is available July 25, according to a listing on Amazon’s website.

While it would have been nice to see Amazon break new ground in smartphone pricing — imagine if this were $100 with a year of free Prime — the amount of high-end hardware inside it likely made that prohibitive. Instead of being a budget device, the Fire Phone is a bold statement that Amazon can go toe-to-toe with established smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung.

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Klancy Kennedy
Klancy Kennedy

Exclusively by ATT. Wait, didn't Apple make that mistake, and then we had to jailbreak our iphones while hating them and having crappy service, crappy reception, crappy data plans.... yeah, crap. Essentially. Amazon is new to the market, so they are making huge rookie mistakes. If you want your phone to be loved, you release unlocked and you tell ATT to stuff it.

João Beirao
João Beirao

Thank god for related articles below and techcrunch's article with specs for this phone. Useless post...

Jon Smirl
Jon Smirl

Imagine if it had come with a 2GB/1000min  phone plan for free as part of Prime. Bezos had the room to offer that after the $20 Prime price increase. He could have sold it for $299 with that plan.

As is, I don't care about it. Won't even pick one up and look at it in the store.