Oracle is buying a company called LiveLOOK, which developed technology that lets service and salespeople navigate webpages at the same time as potential or existing customers, the tech company announced today.

The deal should bolster Oracle’s product line for companies’ service desk departments and give Oracle some new features that competitor lacks. LiveLOOK, a cloud-based service, falls in with Oracle’s focus on cloud options, not just software that runs in companies’ on-premises data centers.

Even so, Oracle stock was down more than 4 percent following the announcement — and following Oracle’s latest quarterly earnings release. For the quarter ending on May 31, revenue came in at $11.3 billion, up 3 percent but below analysts’ estimates of $11.48 billion. Earnings missed estimates, too.

Like other Oracle acquisitions, today’s deal continues the company’s diversification efforts, helping it to depend less on relational databases and giving the company some insurance against whatever could come of selling souped-up data center hardware.

Earlier this week news broke about Oracle’s interest in buying Micros Systems, a seller of hardware and software for hotels, restaurants, stores, and back-office facilities.

LiveLOOK started in 2008 and is based in Matawan, New Jersey. Investors include Edison Innovation Fund, New Vantage Group, and New York Angels.

LiveLOOK has more than 500 customers, including The Container Store,, and Putnam Investments. More than 100 Oracle customers use LiveLOOK’s co-browsing tool within Oracle’s service cloud, Oracle said.

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