We’re building something cool, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

The $10 billion dollar market research industry is doing business the same old way it always has: inefficiently. And, in some cases, with lack of transparency and questionable ethics. Our goal is to change all that and create a new revenue stream for tens of thousand of global experts.

As you can see at the link above, we’ve already made a start.


Above: TPS report day at VentureBeat

But that’s only a very tiny, very early glimpse at our complete vision. We can’t accomplish it without you — a lot of you. We’re looking for:

Obviously, we want top-notch people who are amazing at what they do. But we also want people who have a sense of humor and an ability to stay calm and have fun while we go on a roller coaster journey. Most importantly, we want people who are passionately committed to kicking serious ass.

We’re a startup within a five-year-old startup, VentureBeat, which is great because we can operate as a small, focused team, but we have the resources of an existing company behind us. We have some great advantages and vision, and we’ve proven that our model works.

Now we need to turn the volume to 11. I invite you to join the ride.


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