It’s always something with Google.

While the company is set to show off lots of new services at its Google I/O conference in San Francisco tomorrow, it always has room for more announcements. After all, more than 40,000 people work for the tech giant.

Now the company has gone and doubled the memory inside its Google Glass wearable. The device now carries 2 GB of RAM, not just 1 GB, according to a Google+ post from the Google Glass account today.

The upgrade should enable richer experiences for Glass owners — for personal use and perhaps even for business use like manufacturing and health care.

With applications developers fawning over Google’s latest technology platforms this week, the timing is good.

In addition to the memory boost, Google has added cards to the Google Glass interface. Now the device will show Glass owners where they parked their cars and alert them when packages are coming to them.

Also, the device now shows a viewfinder in Glass’ tiny screen when owners are using its camera. A voice command or the push of a button triggers the camera’s shutter.

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