Overlooked Opera Mediaworks acquires AdColony in bid to become ad powerhouse

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In March we told you that mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks was poised to make a lot of acquisitions, and it looks like it’s now started that process. Today it acquired mobile video advertiser AdColony.

You know those video ads that appear in your phone apps? That’s what AdColony does.

Silicon Valley looking to monetize their apps don’t seem to pay much notice to Opera Mediaworks. Why should they when Google and Facebook control 70 percent of mobile ad revenues? But the young startup is definitely a growing force.

AdColony was one of the top-ranked companies in our Global Games Monetization Report

Mediaworks spun off from the Norwegian browser company Opera in February, 2013. Since then, it has focused on working with publishers. In March, CEO Mahi de Silva told VentureBeat that 19 of the top 25 publishers use Mediaworks. AdColony also purportedly works with 70 percent of the world’s top publishers, allowing Mediaworks to further stake claim to that territory.

News of the acquisition was first reported by TechCrunch a few weeks ago.

When VentureBeat last spoke to de Silva, Opera Mediaworks had a $2 billion capitalization with a desire to build through acquisitions. Mediaworks will have to start its acquisition spree if the company is going to fully realize its dream of becoming a full-service mobile marketing conglomerate — as we’ve said before, that’s no small order.

More information:

AdColony is a mobile video advertising company whose proprietary Instant-Play™ technology serves razor sharp, full-screen video ads instantly in HD across its network of iOS and Android apps, eliminating the biggest pain points in mo... read more »

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Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson

Smart developers are actually leaving in droves according to myself and others I speak with about such things. Thankfully we've already started stripping AdColony out of our stuff before their site went down today.

We were getting paid $0.007 per shown 30 second video commercial. That's an ecpm of $7. We're doing $4-$5 ecpms via chartboost for just showing popup pictures!  That just isn't right.

Tried to contact someone about the appallining payouts recently and didn't even get an acknowledgment. Too busy celebrating I guess. Video ads are a mugs game and developers are being ripped left right and centre imo.