Chromebooks just got a little more enterprisey, with a new Google and Twilio partnership the companies have just announced at the Twilio’s San Francisco Customer Experience Roadshow Event today.

As part of the deal (called Twilio CX for Chrome), Twilio’s software, cloud-based communications products, and voice minutes will be integrated into Google Chromebooks for Business and combined with a Plantronics headset. Twilio CX for Chrome’s first partner is LiveOps, which will offer it through its LiveOps Engage and LiveOps Voice Advantage for Salesforce solutions.

With Twilio’s cloud-based communications (think of it as a telephone through the Internet), LiveOps’ customer communications software, the small Plantronics headset, and the lightweight Chromebook, the idea is to create a flexible tool for enterprises to conduct sales and customer service, while cutting down on costs.

“Chromebook for Business was designed to provide simple, powerful experiences for administrators and end users,” said Google global head of Chrome for Business sales Mike Daoust in an official statement.

“We’re excited to work with Twilio and LiveOps to provide a secure and manageable call center solution in the cloud, helping businesses and agents focus on what they do best, versus battling complex hardware and software configurations. This ultimately improves the experiences for administrators, agents and the end customer.

Twilio CX for Chrome comes with 7,500 Twilio voice minutes, and the Twilio client has WebRTC capabilities which turn the browser into complete communications solutions.

Twilio was founded in 2007 by Jeff Lawson, John Wolthuis, and Evan Cooke, and its base is San Francisco. The company has raised $103.7 million to date.



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