Google I/O 2014 keynote: Livestream and live analysis

Above: The show floor

Image Credit: Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeat

We’re following Google’s I/O developer conference live in San Francisco.

As we’ve explained in our massive I/O preview, we expect this conference to be different than in past years. Google now has all of the pieces in place to dominate entirely new markets, like wearables, connected home gadgets, and car tech.

We’ll be exploring how you can grow your mobile business at MobileBeat 2014 in San Francisco on July 8-9.

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You can watch the keynote below. Also, check out our live analysis of the I/O keynote, where we’ll be adding context and insight on what’s sure to be an onslaught of Googley propaganda.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201411:45 am

This felt like a far more productive keynote than last year’s. Though I do want to hear more about Larry’s pages mystery tech island. So long folks.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:40 am

And, that’s a wrap, folks! Lots more Google news coming over the next two days. Please return to to get the details.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:39 am

Interesting: Everyone gets a Motorola Moto watch. And either a LG G Watch or Samsung Gear. 

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201411:38 am

Google calls Google Play Games the fastest growing mobile game network out there. It’s signed up more than 100 million new users in the past 6 months.

Google went from nowhere in gaming to being on top of mobile games in a few years. But when will it catch up to gaming revenue with Apple?

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:37 am

Also, here’s coverage of the new Google Cloud Platform development tools:

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:34 am

And here’s my coverage of the integration of Stackdriver into the Google Cloud Platform. The result is called Google Cloud Monitoring.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:33 am

Read all about Dataflow based on an interview I did yesterday:

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201411:32 am

Appurify is one of the most interesting app testing companies out there, very good fit with Google. They have thousands of mobile devices for testing apps directly, no virtualizaton:

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:28 am

Appurify is joining Google! 

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:20 am

Dev tools news coming too.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:19 am

Boom: Cloud Dataflow. Story to come.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:18 am

I knew dev tools would be coming! As noted in our preview.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201411:16 am

We’re at the point in the keynote where someone is editing live code in front of an audience of thousands.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201411:07 am

All righty, let’s see what the Google Cloud Platform news is. Urs Holzle here to say it.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201411:01 am

Google Drive now has 190 million monthly active users. Google may be giving in to Microsoft a bit by supporting Office files, but it’s not in danger of losing the office market anytime soon.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:59 am

Google is also adding native Office document editing in Docs, thanks to its QuickOffice purchase.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:56 am

Android L will allow you to run corporate apps right alongside your personal apps on the same device. Looks like Google’s Divide purchase got implemented quickly.

Google will also offer this feature as a separate app for older versions of Android.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:53 am

Android apps coming to Chromebooks. Almost seems like an admission that the web alone isn’t enough.
You’ll be able to receive texts on your Chromebook just like the new Continuity features in iOS 8.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:51 am

Google finally seems to have matured as a product company. This keynote has been a steady stream of things I’d actually want to use, and most of them would also appeal to general consumers.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:50 am

Pichai is now boasting about Chromebook growth in education, etc. Let’s see what the news is.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:46 am

Chromecast no longer feels like an experimental gadget from Google. Better app discovery will be a huge help, and new features within the Chromecast core app will make it even more useful. You can have your Chromecast display an endless series of beautiful photos, for example.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:44 am

An iPhone 5 is on stage at Google I/O (showing off the new Chromecast features).

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:43 am

Between AndroidTV and Chromecast, Google may finally have the keys to winning your living room. Amazon’s Fire TV, meanwhile, seems even more useless now.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:41 am

Cross-device experiences FTW: Now Google will let you discover Cast-friendly applications on iOS, Android, and Chrome.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:38 am

Hm. There are Chromecast updates. This was not expected.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:36 am

Showtime, Anytime, TuneIn, PBS Kids video, Songza TV, Eat24 are among the apps Google showed for Android TV. Need…more…apps….

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:30 am

Surprisingly, Google is still trying to shove live TV into the AndroidTV experience.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:29 am

David Singleton, director of engineering for Android: “We’re simply giving TVs the same level of attention phones and tablets have had.”

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:27 am

And AndroidTV is being announced. Not surprising, again. 

Harrison Weber June 25, 201410:27 am

Google details that 25 car brands will ship Android Auto “in the near future,” some before the end of 2014. 

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:26 am

Over 40 new partners have joined the Open Auto Alliance, the Google-led initiative to get Android into cars.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:24 am

All of the AndroidAuto apps are running on your phone, but you interact with them through the car. No surprises in design, it looks like Android just about everywhere else. And of course, voice commands are a big part of the experience.

Now, more than ever, Google’s investment in voice is paying off.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:24 am

Text messaging by voice, navigation, and control of music through cards, Google Now style, are coming with AndroidAuto. Nifty but not too exciting — yet. But hey, the Android Auto SDK is now unveiled.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:18 am

Funny that Samsung’s Android Wear watch is the least appealing, even though they have the most experience building smartwatches at this point.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:17 am

Aha! Google is updating people on connected car. The project is called AndroidAuto. Again, we thought this might happen. Post coming soon. For now, check our preview post for context:

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:16 am

You can order the LG G watch will be available for people to order on play store. And Samsung is aboard, too. Moto will be available later this year. This was largely expected.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:14 am

Uh-oh. Here comes a demo of a alternative cab service app. Note the company involved here: Lyft, not Uber, which has partnered with Google before. See here:

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:13 am

Food — ordering and making it — seems to be a big use case for these things. Recipes keep up with your progress, for instance. And you can set timers when you’re following a recipe. 

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:12 am

Whoa, Android Wear apps are installed when you get the corresponding app on your Android phone. Very smart.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:12 am

We’re digging these Android Wear watches that the demos are on (like ordering a pizza through Eat24 in less than 20 seconds). Nice faces. I wonder how many people will actually buy these nicer-looking watches.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:10 am

Not surprising, Android Wear supports turn-by-turn directions. Looks far more useful for directions while walking. You hear that NYC tourists?

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:09 am

Developers will definitely want to see the early demos of apps built for Wear. Like Pinterest, which released mapping support recently. Especially considering that the “full” Android Wear SDK is now available. 

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:07 am

Step-count history and heart rate is part of Android Wear watch. Significant, telling.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 201410:06 am

The Google Now integration in LG’s Android Wear watch don’t always work, but when they do they seem useful. This is leagues beyond what Samsung is doing with the Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

Jordan Novet June 25, 201410:00 am

Android Wear update time. David Singleton, Android’s director of engineering, says Android Wear devices can “act on your key in a multi-screen world.” Not the phone, people. That’s interesting. Questionable whether manufacturers will be able to provide these “keys” at a price point everyone can access.  

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:58 am

Sundar Pichai: “We aren’t building a vertically integrated product — what we are doing is building an open platform at scale…”

He’s trying to explain why it takes so long for Google to release major changes to Android. Pichai also points out that Google Play Services, which powers the app store and other services, gets updated every 6 weeks. More than 93% of Android users are on the latest version of Play Services.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:53 am

Don’t believe I saw any protesters at I/O last year. Certainly none trying to disrupt the stage. It’s crazy how much the environment has changed in just one year.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:51 am

“Stop Jack Halprin,” the poster says. “Develop a conscious.” 

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:51 am

Aaaaand a protester has gotten near the speaker onstage.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:50 am

Google is trying to balance careful use of battery life and awesome performance, including PC-grade graphics. Not an easy thing to do, but you should be permitted to expect this from Google. What other company? 

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:48 am

Android L will also run apps on a new “ART” runtime, which replaces the
Dalvik virtual machine Android previously relied on. ART will allow apps
to run faster and smoother, and it’s compatible with every kind of
processor, including ARM, x86, and MIPS chips. It’s also built to take
advantage of 64-bit chips.

Basically, ART is a big change future-proofing change for Android. Developers also don’t need to tweak their apps to support ART — they’ll simply run faster on Android L.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:48 am

Here’s a preview of some video. Looks sharp….

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:43 am

Smart for Google to link between search results and apps. That’s a critical step for bridging the divide between web and native stuff. The OS is the obvious key.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:41 am

I’m liking much of what I see from Android L, but it’s hard not to think that Google is following in the footsteps of iOS. I’m also seeing people on Twitter saying Android L is copying many of Microsoft’s design elements.

Rather than copying, perhaps we’re just settling on some similar design elements for mobile in general.

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:40 am

Urbanspoon and Candy Crush get a subtle shoutout! 

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:39 am

All apps are now, like, draggable on the home screen. Including browser tabs. I like.

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:38 am

Smooth animations in the results! “Fast, fluid, continuous animation” 

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:38 am

Search for starry night on Android and you’ll get a nice picture of the painting from Van Gogh, Avni Shah shows. New animations are now below that. 

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:37 am

Let’s check out the Material design version of Google search results on mobile…

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:36 am

Good new authentication with a wearable: If you have your smartwatch on, you just swipe up to pass the lock screen. No smartwatch? You get a pin lock.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:34 am

I dig this new call notification feature so you don’t get pulled out from another app, like a game, if you don’t want to. It just appears on the top. Nice. 

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:34 am

Here’s our full coverage on the Android L developer preview.

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:33 am

Enhanced notifications will be in L — you can interact with them right from the notifications 

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:32 am

“This is really a sneak peak of work in progress,” said Burke 

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:32 am

Here’s the news on AndroidOne:

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:31 am

Burke’s mom is apparently a huge fan of Material design… 

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:31 am

Very cool ripple effects in the new Material when touching buttons 

Kia Kokalitcheva June 25, 20149:29 am

Now Dave Burke, director of Android engineering is taking the stage!

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:21 am

And here comes the Android L developer preview. Over 5K new APIs, Pichai says. Thinking about not just mobile but other form factors, he says.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:20 am

Cromax and Karbonn are among the partners for Android One, Pichai says.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:18 am

“We are working on a set of hardware reference platforms,” Pichai says

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:18 am

Android now accounts for 62 percent of the global tablet market. App installs up 236%.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:18 am

And here’s AndroidOne.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:16 am

Every day Android users send 20B text messages, take 93M selfies, and check their phones over 100B times. Yikes.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:14 am

Whoa. Over 1 billion 30-day active users on Android, Pichai says.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:13 am

First up from Sundar Pichai: An overview of Google’s mobile momentum.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:11 am

And here are people in Brazil, too. 

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:11 am

London people are being shown to us.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:10 am

Viewing parties in 597+ locations, 85 countries, 6 continents. 

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:10 am

More I/O news: Google teams up with Udacity for online programming courses

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:10 am

Here comes Sundar Pichai!

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:10 am

“Here’s to what you build next,” the video concludes.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:09 am

“This is a Chrome Experiment.”

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:08 am

Now a fish tank on screen. Very weird. Getting applause, though.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:07 am

Water dripping or something on the stage.

Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:07 am


Jordan Novet June 25, 20149:07 am

Lights go down. Here we go!

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:03 am

And the I/O keynote livestream is now up. Still not getting any audio though. There’s a bowling ball that looks kind of nefarious.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20149:01 am

Our first bit of I/O news just dropped: Here’s how one company is using Google’s 3D mapping Tango tablet.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20148:52 am

Keynote starts in 10 minutes! We have three writers on site: Mark Sullivan, Jordan Novet, and Kia Kokalitcheva.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20148:31 am

eMarketer also predicts that digital video ad spending will increase 41.9 percent this year, reaching $5.96 billion. If you’re wondering why Google may take another stab at televisions with Android TV, that’s the reason.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20148:29 am

Online research company eMarketer expects Google’s ad revenues to slip this year:

“In 2014, Google will take 31.5% of the $140.2 billion global advertising market, down from 31.9% in 2013, eMarketer estimates. By comparison, Facebook’s share is expected to rise to 7.8% this year from 5.8% in 2013, while eMarketer projects that Yahoo’s will drop from 2.86% share in 2013 to 2.52% this year.”

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20147:25 am

Google also made a few big announcements yesterday: New Google Glass hardware & apps; and a new developer API for Nest. Expect to hear plenty more about those at I/O.

Devindra Hardawar June 25, 20147:17 am

Welcome everyone! Be sure to check out our huge I/O preview before things begin.

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Spikey James

Like the new call notification feature but the rest of the stuff like the new animation stuff to drain my battery even more faster!