While yesterday’s Google I/O keynote was packed with new product releases, major software updates, and a couple of protests, Google saved a fun little update for today.

The new update to the Android Search app now lets you trigger voice searches by saying “OK Google” from anywhere, not only from the home screen.

This feature was previously only available on the Moto X, and rumors of Google bringing it to all Android phones have been circulating around recently. It won’t work while the screen is off, however.

It will be part of the app’s 3.5.14 update, and it can be turned on and off from the phone’s settings. The feature is rolling out on a phone-by-phone basis, so not all Android models will have it immediately.

The feature also has “Audio History,” meaning that it will track your voice commands in order to become better at recognizing your voice and commands and personalize your searches even more. Could feel a bit creepy for some folks, but again, this feature is opt-in.



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