Watch: a viral economics course that can be completed in one sitting

The next frontier in higher education may be viral courses that can be completed in a single day. One of my favorite economists, Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution, is out with a new course on “Everyday Economics”, complete with short quizzes and eye-candy visual lectures.

The one below, on the rise of human prosperity, is intellectually delicious:

“For this type of material, let’s face it: We’re competing with BuzzFeed,” Alex Tabarrok told the Chronicle of Higher Education. Tabarrok is a professor at George Mason University and co-founder of Marginal Revolution University, which is offering the course.

Indeed, there appears to be a trend in one-shot courses. Yesterday, vocational online course provider, Udacity, teamed up with Google to offer advanced web programming courses that can be completed in a single day.

What I love about these courses is that they can easily substitute for cat videos at work. I run them in the background while I answer emails. It’s an awesome productivity hack.

Kent Roethemeier
Kent Roethemeier

Amazing how when Freedom and Capitalism arose ... everything started getting better. Why do the Looney Leftist Liberals want to kill Freedom, Prosperity and Capitalism?