It is no longer OK to jokingly exaggerate to the world how much you really, really love your iPad — at least not without leaving yourself open to potential ridicule.

Confused? Allow us to enlighten you.

The maker of male-targeted sex toy the Fleshlight, Interactive Life Forms, has debuted a new accessory for Apple’s iPad called the Fleshlight Launchpad. The accessory is essentially an iPad case with a built in port that lets you securely lock in a Fleshlight to the tablet. The appeal, according to the manufacturer, is that you will now be able to engage in — let’s call it a conversation with yourself — while watching an erotic sexual video. Although as the demo video embedded below shows, you can also use this ridiculous accessory during a Facetime video call on an iPad.

The Fleshlight Launchpad will retail for $25, which seems steep for what is perhaps the saddest and loneliest add-on built for a tablet ever created. Also, it’s only available for iPad 2 as well as third- and fourth-gen iPads. (Sorry early adopters!)

I can’t help but think Steve Jobs would be rolling over in his grave if he could see what the world has done to this revolutionary Apple product. Check out the safe-for-work video below for a closer look at the Fleshlight Launchpad.

Via Mashable

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