Cloud Engines, Inc., creators of the Pogoplug device, just raised another $2 million, according to an SEC filing dated today.

Pogoplug allows users to automatically backup their most important files and data wherever they go thanks to unlimited cloud storage. As a matter of fact, Cloud Engines is all about the “unlimited” part of that sentence. Case in point, the company recently partnered with Sprint to offer unlimited cloud storage to users for $5 a month, falling right in line with the mobile service provider’s “unlimited” everything plans.

The company got its start in 2007 but didn’t introduce its “personal cloud” concept until 2009 with the Pogoplug device. This device is simply plugged into your ethernet router and then synced with all of your devices, including your computers, tablets, and smartphones, to enable automatic backups onto your personal cloud. The software/device combo gives users the flexibility and security they need.

Users who sign up for Pogoplug can receive 5GB of storage for free then an unlimited amount of storage for about $50 a month.

Previously, Cloud Engines raised $9.5 million during two rounds with The Foundry Group then later raised $15 million in December 2010 from Softbank Capital and Morgan Stanley.

Cloud Engines is currently headquartered in San Francisco with a satellite office in Tel Aviv and has about 60 employees. CEO Daniel Putterman previously founded and led Mediabolic, a software company that was later purchased by Macrovision.

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