While few folks have an Android Wear watch on their wrist today, app developers are already submitting their Wear apps to the Google Play store — and on Wednesday evening, Google published them in a section dedicated specifically to Wear.

There are 24 Wear apps available now. The current lineup has some news apps (The Guardian, Reuters), social apps (Pinterest, Glympse), food apps (Eat24, Allthecooks Recipes), and a smattering of others across categories like travel and finance. Google has already published several Wear apps itself, including Maps and Hangouts.

The first 24 apps for Android Wear.

Above: The first 24 apps for Android Wear.

Image Credit: Screenshot by Eric Blattberg / VentureBeat

First announced in March, Android Wear is Google’s platform for smartwatches. LG, Motorola, and Samsung have already hopped on board, making watches that run Wear. We recently tested out the Moto 360 smartwatch and found it pretty slick, even though Motorola isn’t quite done with the final design.

But Google is wasting no time getting Android Wear in front of consumers. The company is starting to use its marketing muscle to promote Wear to average Android users, placing a big Wear banner front and center on Google Play (in regions where Wear devices are being sold). That messaging will only grow louder as more Wear hardware and software launches.

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