Google Maps’ latest feature lets you measure distance & draw on the world

Above: Google Maps' measurement tool shows how far you have to travel to demonstrate your love for Hawaii.

Image Credit: Screenshot by Eric Blattberg / VentureBeat

Thanks to Google Maps’ new measurement tool, this reporter now knows his apartment is exactly 2.88 miles from VentureBeat’s New York office and 2,556.26 miles from VentureBeat’s San Francisco office.

You, too, can acquire such distance-related knowledge by using the updated Google Maps web app — just right click and select “Measure Distance” to begin dropping points on the map. Each click on an empty area creates a new point, while clicking on an existing point removes it. You can drag existing points to tweak their position.

The tool may be useful for runners or cyclists looking to measure their routes by distance. You can also use the tool to make fun drawings, as Google demonstrated.

More specialized apps including Free Map Tools and GeoDistance already offered this functionality on top of Google Maps, but now it’s part of the core Maps feature set.

A stick figure-shaped route through Central Park.

Above: A man-shaped route through Central Park.

Image Credit: Google


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Zach Zebrowski
Zach Zebrowski

This is something that should have been in ages ago... I don't know what they were waiting for.

Usman Ahmed
Usman Ahmed

so soon? much wow. such mathematique. so they wrote some javascript using their own map API onto the one view/controller code. been doing this for ages when doing dev. meh.

Ryan M Bertoldi
Ryan M Bertoldi

YES finally I can map out cycling and backpacking trips without having to drag those axis points around!