Lyft blocked at city gates by New York Attorney General, Taxi Commission

Two New York agencies took their battle with the Lyft ridesharing service to the next leve todayl.

The New York attorney general and the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) jointly filed a temporary restraining order against Lyft today. Lyft had planned on launching its service in two New York City boroughs Friday night.

From the (colorfully worded) restraining order:

“As it has done in every other city in which it operates, defendant has simply waltzed into New York and set up shop while defying every law passed whose very purpose is to protect the People of the State of New York.

“Despite being warned and told to cease and desist by three separate regulatory and environment agencies, defendant has thumbed its nose at the law and continued with its plans to launch in what could become its largest market.”

The city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission issued a statement Thursday saying Lyft is not authorized to have its drivers picking up passengers in the city.

Lyft announced its plans to launch in New York on Wednesday, as TLC and the New York attorney general were trying to decide whether Lyft posed some safety threat to New Yorkers.

Also, earlier this week the TLC warned Lyft drivers that, if caught picking up passengers, they could be issued a $2,000 fine.

Like Uber, Lyft lets people order up a ride from a registered driver using their smartphones.

More information:

Lyft is a friendly, safe, and affordable transportation option. Just tap a button and in minutes you’ll be riding in the front seat with a new friend. Our Lyft community drivers have been background checked and personality screened t... read more »

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Alex Danzberger
Alex Danzberger

Let me see,more convenient, less regulation, no opportunity for graft, what's not to like?

Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens

Someone should make and promote a website/petition -! Let's see how many people vote NO vs Yes. I also think sadly that yes jobs will be lost by taxi drivers but most of them are foreigners no? so the job shift will go to Lyft drivers so you're not really losing any jobs just shifting them to different people

Alex Eckelberry
Alex Eckelberry

Yeah, New York City looks out for the people.  Laughable.  Like I want to drive in a cramped, dirty cab with the driver babbling away in some foreign language the whole time. And cabbies working their asses off to pay off a $750k medallion fee.  

Please, New York, wake up.  

Go for it Lyft and Uber.  Do it!

Andrew Stover
Andrew Stover

Not if the government has anything to say about it. Think of the lost jerbs!!!

RichardandKate Spicer
RichardandKate Spicer

In 10 years we'll all be getting driven around by driverless cars and the idea of a taxi will be laughable.

Eric Mok
Eric Mok

it reminds me of the markiplier from youtube lol

Kyle W
Kyle W

NYC wont make nearly the same amount of money on lyft/uber cars than taxis

Dmitry Bondarev
Dmitry Bondarev

All they had to do is to adapt the platform for cab drivers and let them use it along with the regular drivers.

Klancy Kennedy
Klancy Kennedy

Aside from tacky mustaches that look like shit, I don't understand the hate.

Joey Klta
Joey Klta

This is such BS.  If Taxi drivers had the same level of professionalism and customer service that Lyft and Uber provide, we wouldn't need services like them.  I hope any city who allows the Taxi commission to dictate who can and cannot pick up passengers, does so only with the caveat that they must hold their drivers to better standards of service.  Taxi drivers have the worst attitudes and think way too highly of themselves.