Google announced today that the company is preparing to launch a watchface API for its new Android Wear software developer kit (SDK), which will make building smartwatch apps much easier.

In a Google+ update today, developer advocate Wayne Piekarski told developers to be patient for the new API and advised them not to build third-party watch apps in the meantime. The reason is apparently that it’s quite difficult to build watchface apps using current tools. Piekarski said it currently takes “a fair bit of tweaking.”

“We are working to make this as simple as possible for you so that it’s easy to make good-looking faces that work well across multiple form factors, conserve battery, and display the user’s card stream nicely,” Piekarski wrote in the update. “Some of these changes won’t be ready until we migrate Android Wear to the Android L release later this year, but don’t fret: they’re coming!”

A few developers have already pushed out Android smartwatch apps to the public, including the Star Trek LCARS-inspired Starwatch app and a handful of others.

via 9to5Google

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