Jobr, an iOS app designed to make the process of searching for a job less of a headache, just announced it raised $2 million in an oversubscribed seed round. It’s also launching a new web portal targeted at recruiters.

In case you’re not familiar, Jobr takes the swipe left, swipe right method of target selection that Tinder popularized for dating, only Jobr applies it to the job search. After connecting your LinkedIn account to the app, a profile is automatically created based on your job history. Then you can swipe right on positions you’re interested in and swipe left on those you’d like to pass on. Simple!

Since the app launched back in May, it’s had 3 million swipes, which is great for the accuracy of the matching algorithm used in the app, too. The more people who download and use the app, the more relevant candidate and recruiter matches will be, the company claims. Plus, 1,000 recruiters have signed up with Jobr to connect with the talent there. Because of this influx of recruiters, Jobr has launched a web-based recruiter platform that allows recruiters to browse potential candidates in a much more intuitive way.

Intuitive how, you may ask? Well, once a recruiter comes across a candidate he’s interested in, he can conduct a simple 15-minute phone screen on the spot. This greatly increases efficiency for the recruiter and the candidate.

The funding round was populated by several big name investors, including Redpoint Ventures, Eniac, Lerer Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Tekton, The Hive, Structure Capital, Tim Draper, Ellen Levy, Fabrice Grinda, and others. Ellen Levy will be acting as an advisor to Jobr as well. She previously advised the likes of LinkedIn, Newsle, and RelateIQ.

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