It’s a slow news day. It’s Saturday, what did you expect?

So instead of infuriating you with a ranty op-ed or rehashing last night’s news leavings, I bring you this nugget of delight: a Linus-led tour of the Linux BDFL‘s office.

Get ready for four minutes and twenty-three seconds in heaven.


  • “Zombie shuffling” treadmill desk — CHECK.
  • Sh*t-strewn second desk — CHECK.
  • 3D printer — CHECK.
  • Socks with sandals — CHECK.
  • Hard-disk graveyard — CHECK and RIP!
  • A sword, obviously.
  • This, on the closed blinds: “I don’t want the sun to come in and disturb me. … I do NOT want to see outside.”

I, for one, feel that. The best SPF is tin foil over the windows and a deadbolt on the door, right?

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