Facebook said today it’s giving you a way to “save” content that you don’t immediately have time to read in your newsfeed.

The new feature, cleverly called “Save,” moves all the links, places, and music and TV show posts you’ve flagged to a special place, both on mobile and the desktop.

On mobile devices, you can see all your flagged content in a new section under the “More” tab.

On the desktop, saved content is reachable via a “Save” link in the sidebar.

Once you have viewed your saved content, you can either archive it or share it with friends.

Facebook says it will also send you push notifications about items you’ve saved from your newsfeed, but haven’t yet clicked.

Our own Kia Kokalitcheva wrote about Facebook’s testing of the new service back in early April.

The testing complete, the new feature is rolling out on the desktop and mobile in the next few days, Facebook says.

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