This app promises to make your writing bold & clear, just like Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway, 1950

Above: Ernest Hemingway, 1950

Image Credit: Wikipedia
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The Hemingway Editor might make you a better writer.

When the Hemingway Editor first debuted, it took the Internet by storm. The site hit the Web months ago, and now it’s available as a $5 desktop app with new perks: offline use, markdown support, and the ability to save and open your work.

The Hemingway Editor aims to help you fix “long, complex sentences and common errors.” The end goal, of course, is to make your writing more like Ernest Hemingway’s pithy prose.

Think of it as a souped-up text editor, or a simpler, yet more functional Writer Pro.

Hemingway Editor screen shot.

Above: Hemingway Editor screen shot.

Image Credit: Hemingway Editor

The service isn’t perfect (as some have pointed out), but it successfully highlights common errors and encourages short-and-sweet writing.

You can give the Hemingway Editor a try here.

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