Uber launches People’s Uber, a no-profit ridesharing service in Beijing

Some people might criticize alternative cab service Uber for taking in lots of money through its surge-pricing system for increasing prices when demand is high. But the startup has been lowering its prices, and now Uber is rolling out a not-for-profit service in Beijing.

Uber announced the new program in a blog post yesterday from Ben Chiang:

People’s Uber brings promising innovations fit for a city with Beijing’s scale. Using the same Uber app, riders can now share a car by opening the app, connecting with the driver to confirm their destination, and jumping in. Riders only cover the driver’s costs, so getting around town has never been so convenient and affordable. Drivers are fellow Beijingers vetted by Uber and rated by users after every trip. Route details are logged through Uber’s system, and cars are insured and licensed according to Beijing standards.

The new service, which is in trial mode, could help Uber further distinguish itself from Lyft, Sidecar, and other competitors.

Uber launched in Beijing last month. But the company sounds especially excited about its latest invention.

“We look forward to the new ways that People’s Uber connects the residents of Beijing!” Chiang wrote.

More information:

Uber Technologies Inc is known as Everyone's Private Driver. Uber operates an on-demand car service used all over the world. With the touch of a button from your phone, you can experience your own private driver. Sign-up quickly, g... read more »

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Paul Kogan
Paul Kogan

This is a cool experiment by Uber. And Beijing is the right place to try it. 

But true peer-to-peer, social rides-haring is hard to achieve without trust. 

Social connections and a visible identity are the best ways to create that kind of community. 

Hovee -- -- is doing this now in the Bay Area - building a trusted ride-share community.

Chris Banbury
Chris Banbury

Not sure how this syncs with Chinese culture. There are those that will happily share but many still will want compensation

Tanvir Khandaker
Tanvir Khandaker

cars and taxis are nuisance to growing cities UBER investors are in bubble not in touch with reality !

Alexander Dresen
Alexander Dresen

Eat this ... when money is no issue people really disrupt stuff