Sweetch parking app makes its code open-source, the latest salvo in San Francisco parking app war

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The parking space bidding app MonkeyParking is no longer available to San Francisco drivers, but another developer called Sweetch is using an open-source approach to fill the void.

MonkeyParking caused a stir in San Francisco by creating an auction for open parking spaces. The city attorney sent a cease and desist letter to MonkeyParking, in which it mentioned two other apps: Sweetch and Parkmodo.

Now Sweetch has started a new open-source project called Freetch, which makes its parking app code available to other developers to use in building their own parking apps.

The Sweetch app lets users buy a parking space for five bucks or sell one for four bucks.

Parking is a terrible problem in San Francisco. Sweetch says that 30 percent of the city’s traffic is caused by cars looking for parking places.

Sweetch says it has already received requests for the parking code from all over the world.

Via: SFGate


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