Timex enters smartwatch market with expensive, fugly, not-very-smart Ironman One GPS+

Image Credit: USA Today

Most of the smartwatches we’ve seen so far have come from technology companies trying to make timepieces. Now a real timepiece maker — Timex — is coming to market with a smartwatch.

Timex will announce its Ironman One GPS+ on Wednesday, which will be targeted at runners and other fitness buffs. The product is black and rectangular, and it’s not something you’d want to wear unless you’re at the gym or on the running trail.

It also costs $400, well above the $200 and under price of most other recent smartwatch releases. Other GPS watches from Timex cost between $80 and $200.

So, much of the extra cost is going toward the 3G connectivity in the device, which Timex partnered with Qualcomm and AT&T to build in. AT&T will ease the pain somewhat by supplying the first year of 3G service for free. No word from the companies on how much the data service will cost after a year. And the 3G service is for data only; the watch doesn’t make calls.

Timex hopes that runners will appreciate the fact that they can carry a GPS and 3G-connected watch on their wrist, with no need to take their phone along.

But the Ironman One GPS+ looks pretty limited compared to the phone-dependent smartwatches on the market when it comes to features. The GPS+ base model contains no sensors to detect heart rate; you’ll need to pay another $40 for a special version of the watch that includes a chest strap. There are few apps on the device, and third-party developers can’t develop apps for it. There’s also no voice input and no location-aware suggestion services like Google Now.

The GPS+ is available for pre-order now. And for colors you get to chose between black and green. For a video demo, go here.

Via: USA Today

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Mr. T
Mr. T

I'm guessing Mark Sullivan is another tech writer never ventured outside and has no clue about what people who actually exercise want need. He is absolutely clueless you thinks most of the cost is 3G. There are a slew of fitness watches in the $400 to 500. None have the 3G feature.

Mark Cathcart
Mark Cathcart

Well considering the non-GPS capable Garmin watches are just as fuggly, and cost the same price, and are almost the same size, this is in fact pretty cool.

The clue is the Ironman logo... its not really a smart watch, its primarily an triathlon/ironman training watch thats smart. The Angel feature will be a total winner among the Ironman community. People regularly pay for a 3rd party service in races so their friends and family can track them at races which cover 140-miles...

So laugh all you want, in the endurance sport field, this will be a winner.

Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan

If someone knows how to make a watch it's timex.

Mr. T
Mr. T

Fenix2 and any other "live tracking" require you to carry a Phone. So your statement is misleading