Accel Partners and existing investors just dropped a new $25 million into Vectra Networks, a security startup deeply connected to U.S. national security officials.

Calling itself “the leader in real-time detection of cyber attacks in progress,” Vectra previously raised $17.8 million before it even launched. The startup specializes in enterprise network security.

According to Vectra chief Hitesh Sheth, “the reality today is that every network is breached.” Vectra plays a reactive role in the security industry, aiming to catch breeches as they happen.

As we’ve previously detailed, Vectra has strong political ties: One of the startup’s advisors “is a Washington, D.C. collective, Rice Hadley Gates, a firm founded by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley, and Dr. Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense in the Bush and Obama administrations. Non-founding member Jane Holl Lute was also the former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.”

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