File this under “handy new updates you almost missed.”

Google on hump day announced a subtle update to Gmail: the addition of “unsubscribe” links to the top of mass email newsletters. Although the feature is far from life-changing, it’s a nice time saver, as it prevents users from having to dig through bulk emails for unsubscribe links.

According to Google’s Google+ post on the update, “now when a sender includes an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in a Promotions, Social or Forums message, Gmail will surface it to the top, right next to the sender address.”

Unfortunately, the feature only works when a bulk email includes an unsubscribe link, making it less of a spam-fighting tool and more of an organization feature, as The Next Web notes.

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In other news, Google removed 57 Wikipedia links from its search engine in Europe due to the EU’s “right to be forgotten” law.

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