Today, Barnes & Noble and Google unveiled a partnership to provide same-day book delivery to consumers in Manhattan, West Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Barnes & Noble’s strategy may be a counter to Amazon’s ongoing dominance of the book delivery market, the New York Times reported.

The partnership will roll out via Google Shopping Express, Google’s new same-day delivery service. You can use the program to shop at local stores from the comfort of your own home. After you complete your order online, your purchases are delivered directly to your door. The Barnes & Noble and Google partnership may appeal to you if you love the feeling of a physical — rather than digital — book in your hands.

“We’re excited that people in San Francisco Bay Area, West L.A. and Manhattan will be able to use Google Shopping Express to get same-day deliveries from Barnes & Noble, joining our existing retail partners like Target, Costco, and Staples,” a Google spokesperson told VentureBeat.

Representatives of the book retailer would not reveal the details of the agreement. However, the company said that its partnership with Google will help it reach out to new customers and get more people to connect to their local Barnes & Noble.

The news of this partnership comes as Amazon continues to battle book publisher Hachette over the ideal cost of ebooks. Amazon claims that its objective is to lower ebook prices for consumers, which may cut the profit for publishers.

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