No, China's government didn't ban Apple device purchases

An Apple store in Shanghai

Above: An Apple store in Shanghai

Image Credit: Robert/Flickr

Despite increasing tensions between China and U.S. tech companies, Apple products are still welcome in the Chinese government.

Refuting a Bloomberg report yesterday that claimed the Chinese government removed Apple products from a list of approved devices due to security reasons, China’s chief government procurement center says that simply isn’t true, Reuters reports.

The crux of the confusion is a procurement list of energy-saving products that China puts together every year. Apple devices didn’t appear on the list, so the Bloomberg report assumed that those devices were no longer approved for government purchase. But Chinese officials note that Apple devices have never appeared on the energy-saving procurement list and that there are plenty of other procurement lists that permit Apple purchases.

While Apple’s devices may have energy-saving certification, the company hasn’t provided China with the materials to verify that status for the energy-saving procurement list, the Chinese Finance Ministry told Reuters.

So don’t go throwing out your MacBook over energy concerns just yet.

After China recently banned Windows 8 on government computers, as well as anti-virus software from Symantec and Kaspersky, all eyes have been on the country’s government to see what big tech companies would be banned next.


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