Watch Samsung try to get you excited for its doomed Nook tablet

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.57.57 AM

Samsung and Barnes & Noble today released a painfully cheesy teaser video promoting their upcoming Nook tablet.

The device, rumored to be named the “Galaxy Tab 4 Nook,” is slated for a late August reveal in New York. News of the partnership first emerged in June, following reports that sales of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Media were in steady decline.

To make matters worse, the Nook video [below] is very similar to Amazon’s Fire Phone teaser released just two months ago [also below]. Only, Nook’s video lacks the mystery and excitement Amazon’s Fire Phone generated pre-launch.

For comparison, here’s the original Amazon Fire Phone teaser:

Consistently poor sales add to the grim outlook for the struggling Nook brand — even with a Samsung partnership in place. The market for Android tablets is pretty saturated at this point. Unless the new Nook truly breaks ground, it has little hope of standing out against devices like the Kindle Fire and the iPad mini.

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