Dropbox puts out Mailbox for Mac in public beta

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Mailbox for Mac has just entered public beta, offering a variety of new features that have been sorely lacking from desktop mail and acting as a complement to the popular mobile inbox.

One of the first things you’ll notice when trying out the beta version is draft support. This feature makes it easier to manage drafts across multiple devices. So if you start writing a lengthy email on your desktop, it’ll be synced to all of your devices as long as you’re logged into Dropbox. This feature will be added to the Mailbox apps for iOS and Android soon.

Another nifty feature is snooze. With just a single swipe, you can set messages to be read later. Then, you just have to tap when you want that message to appear back in your inbox. Some of the predefined options include “This Evening,” “Tomorrow,” and “This Weekend.” This stands to make keeping on top of your inbox easier, especially when you can prioritize more effectively. You can also swipe to delete messages, add them to lists, or archive them.

Over time, Mailbox for Mac learns your swipe patterns, storing them on Dropbox to be synced across your devices. This means how you categorize your email will at one point be automatically sorted.

Anyone who’s signed up for the wait list for Mailbox for Mac will likely get an email soon with a betacoin attached. This provides access to the beta version and enables the snooze-to-desktop function.

Mailbox demoed the pre-beta version back in April. The mobile iOS app launched in February 2013 and an Android version was also released in April, despite the company’s initial hesitation about porting a distinctly iOS experience onto Android.

Dropbox purchased Mailbox in March 2013.

More information:

Dropbox is San Francisco-based tech company focused on making it easier for people to access and share their stuff. We strive to build a simple experience across desktops, browsers, smartphones, tablets, and more, while reliably proces... read more »

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Sanoran Triamesh
Sanoran Triamesh

DropBox ceo Drew Houston is a clever guy. He explains in speech how he realized that the current bubble is just like the previous dot-com bubbble. VCs only understand eye-balls. So he focused on getting more users, and not worry about making money. The trick worked, -it tricked the VCs, LOL. He got lots of 'freeloader' users, and the VCs gave him money. 

Dum b VCs understand only one thing, ... eye-balls, and they understand only one business model, ... to sell-ads to the eye-balls. DropBox and Box are both low-technology, probably irrelevant given Google Drive and other free online storage offerings. But both the CEOs of DropBox and Box are excellent b ull s hiters, and their targets were the naive 'VC's. Box and DropBox followed the dot-com era model, and they will eventually whither away like dot-com era companies, but both have successfully milked VCs. 

Good for the founders and employees of Box and DropBox... but not so good for the people who gave these d umb VCs their cash. Thats gone. 

Dennis Grayson
Dennis Grayson

Dropbox includes Condoleeza Rice as one of its distinguished Board of Directors.