Shortly after Uber’s aplication programming interface launch, taxi-hailing app maker Hailo launched its own transportation API.

“A big day for transportation APIs!” reads a pitch from the company, which opened its version today to third-party developers. Going forward, Hailo shares, any app can include “nearby transportation availability, estimated time of arrival of licensed cabs and cars, and the [capability] to seamlessly launch the app to hail a ride.”

The launch is noteworthy, as it may help Hailo expand who uses it, but the news may get lost after Uber’s API debut earlier this morning.

Hailo claims that its network “has taken tens of millions of passengers since inception and encompasses more than 60,000 fully licensed and insured drivers across three continents and over 20 major cities worldwide.”

Halio first teased its API capabilities in a partnership with Citymapper last month.

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