Apple might be delaying the launch of its forthcoming iPhone 6 smartphone after the company made a last-minute design change that could affect production, reports Reuters.

The design change has to do with Apple having problems with a single layer backlight film on the iPhone 6’s screen. According to Reuters’ sources, Apple decided to switch back to a two-layer film, which has caused the company’s component suppliers¬†to¬†scramble, disrupting the production time.

The delay could also have something to do with a new strategy by Apple to offer a more diverse lineup of phones. The company is rumored to be offering two new larger sizes for the iPhone 6, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model. So any last-minute changes to the phones impacts two devices, not just one, which could mean a longer lag.

Apple is scheduled to hold an event Sept. 9 that presumably will be focused on the iPhone 6, as VentureBeat previously reported. It’s possible the company could still debut the new iPhone at the event despite the production delays, while setting a launch date to buy the device later than expected.

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