Today Bitcoin wallet Circle is launching its first native apps for iOS and Android to better compete with payment apps like PayPal and Apple Pay.

Last month the company introduced its free web app for sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoin. The service lets users send and request money using email and Bitcoin addresses.

Circle wants to make using Bitcoin as simple as using traditional payment methods for both peer-to-peer transactions as well as in-store purchases. Like CurrentC, Circle’s mobile app uses QR codes for in-store purchases. The new app features multifactor authentication and pin codes for security, as well as integration with Apple’s Touch ID on iOS.


Founded last year by Jeremy Allaire, former CTO of Macromedia, Circle is looking to make its biggest impact through Android in markets like India, Indonesia, and Africa, where consumers are less likely to have access to traditional banking services. Circle has raised $26 million to date.

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Circle is a digital currency company founded by Internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire, and backed by world-leading venture capital investors Jim Breyer, Accel Partners and ... All Circle Internet news »

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