The Chinese consumer tech company Xiaomi said it intends to make its many of its personal tech products available to the U.S. market via its ecommerce site “in a few months.” is the number one way that people get Xiaomi products in China, and the company wants to get that business going in the U.S. as well.

“We intend to launch in the U.S. in a few months,” Xiaomi VP of operations Hugo Barra said at a press event in San Francisco Thursday. “We’re going to launch when we’re ready, and that will likely be in a time frame of a few months.”

The ecommerce site, unfortunately, will not immediately sell any mobile devices on in the U.S. Rather, the site will offer personal technology products like wearables and headphones. is the third largest ecommerce site in China.

Xiaomi sells a wide array of products in China: everything from wearables to air purifiers to apps to mobile devices. Many of the products sell at very low prices in comparison to their U.S. cohorts. is currently available in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

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