As we reported earlier today, Apple has poached Zane Lowe from BBC’s Radio 1. The internationally renowned DJ, producer, and radio host hasn’t said what his position with the company will be, but it seems likely that he’ll lend his unrivaled credibility to Apple’s rumored streaming service.

But hiring Lowe is just the latest in a spree that has spanned almost two years to date.

Just two days ago, news broke that Apple had hired Johann Jungwirth, the former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz R&D, to serve as the company’s director of Mac systems engineering. (Apple is rumored to be in a poaching war with Tesla, as well as — possibly — making a car of its own)

So who else has jumped ship for Cupertino? Let’s take a look back at some notable hires.

March 2013: Kevin Lynch, fmr. Adobe CTO

July 2013: Paul Deneve, fmr. Yves Saint Laurent CEO

August 2013: Jay Blahnik, fmr. Nike

September 2013: Ben Shaffer, fmr. Nike

February 2014: Roy J. E. M. Raymann, fmr. Philips

May 2014: Karl Heiselman, fmr. Wolff Olins CEO

May 2014: Angela Ahrendts, fmr. Burberry CEO

July 2014: Patrick Pruniaux, fmr. VP of Sales, TAG Heuer

August 2014: Jimmy Iovine, fmr. Beats founder & Interscope Records founder

August 2014: Dr. Dre, fmr. Beats founder & music mogul

August 2014: Ian Rogers, fmr. Beats CEO

August 2014: Musa Tariq, fmr. Marketing at Nike & Burberry

September 2014: Marc Newson, industrial design legend

October 2014: Jacob Jordan, fmr. Louis Vuitton VP of Men’s Ready-to-Wear

January 2015: Chester Chipperfield, fmr. Burberry VP of Digital and Interactive Design

February 2015: Johann Jungwirth, fmr. CEO of Mercedes-Benz R&D North America

February 2015: Zane Lowe, fmr. BBC 1 radio host


At this point, it might be easier to make a list of CEOs that haven’t left for Apple. Did I forget anybody? Tsk-tsk me on Twitter.

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