Update, 03/09: The new Street View app is available on both Android and iOS.

As major tech companies continue to unbundle their offerings into individual apps, Google has today followed suit with the launch of Street View on Google Maps as a standalone app in the Google Play store.

Amazon also just made available its video-streaming service as its own app on Android earlier this week.

If you have a smartphone with gyroscope, you can now take and upload photospheres from directly inside the Street View app. You can also browse the wide range of existing photospheres that Google has made available.

Everywhere Google's Street View imagery is available across the world

Above: Everywhere Google’s Street View imagery is available across the world

Google has shown that it’s not afraid to explore less-charted parts of the globe to make the Street View experience great. In March, it took to the Amazon rainforest on a zip line for its latest real-world imagery.

Users can also float down the Colorado River, or — going as far back as 2013 — goggle giant pandas in the zoos of Asia.

Apple is known to have been working on its own Street View rival for Apple Maps since June. But as Apple was only just getting started, Google was that same month recording its first-ever vertical Street View imagery.

Google's new Street View standalone app

Above: Google’s new Street View standalone app

The all-new Street View app will replace the Photo Sphere Camera app on iOS, and the existing Street View app on Android.

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